Friday, May 24, 2013

Into The Breach

From Soldier Systems:

Into The Breach

Our friends at Crye Precision (with a little help from Dillon Aero and a few others) produced this tribute to those who stand watch over us this Memorial Day.

Thank you to all who served. Always remember the heavy price paid for freedom. Have a safe Memorial Day.


  1. Those who stand watch over us are determined to grind us to dust.

    Freedom? Since when?

    Are you familar with Gen. Smedley Butler?

  2. It's impossible to say that recent American wars have anything to do with protecting Freedom. What is going on in Afghanistan exactly? Whatever it's about it's not protecting the US from some threat to our freedom. At the same time we are fighting "religion of peace" activists in a half dozen hot spots we're letting their cousins move here and supporting them on welfare with our tax dollars.

    The entire apparatus of the state is massively intrusive and overgrown. The military is a part of that, it's mere existence, at the scale it exists at, insures tax serfdom for millions. .