Saturday, June 1, 2013

CO Sheriff Maketa Responds to Tweet By CO Dems

About 2 weeks ago, the Commierado Senate Democrats sent a tweet saying the Sheriffs who oppose the new CO gun laws side with the criminals.

Today, Sheriff Maketa responded.


by Sheriff Terry Maketa (Notes) on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 2:05pm
On May 17, the official twitter of the CO Senate Democrats sent a tweet that stated "2day CO sheriffs stood in opposition of CO's new gun laws, but not w/law-abiding citizens, but with criminals. #coleg#sheriffs4criminals"   This is absolutely absurd and in reality they could not have gotten it more wrong.  Most disappointing is the media has failed to hold them accountable for their misinformation. This statement demonstrates the embarrassing ignorance of the mindless puppet making this insinuation while authoring this tweet.  I will refer to this representative of the CO Senate Democrats as a puppet, because I have no actual name. The actual definition of puppet given in Webster’s Dictionary is as follows: a person or an organization that is controlled by another person or organization.

According to KRDO, this statement was issued by the "Senate Majority Office".  Obviously, they will not identify themselves and risk being challenged.  They accuse sheriffs of siding with criminals, but sheriffs are not able to challenge their accuser because they hide the person that made the statement and unfortunately, the media will not challenge them on their statement or anonymity.

The 800 plus citizens who attended the Tuesday night fundraiser supporting the lawsuit should be outraged and offended by this tweet since it insinuates sheriffs stand by criminals.  We are standing up for the rights of law-abiding citizens and they insinuate these law-abiding citizens are criminals.  Sadly, it only strengthens the reason for recalling some of these freedom attackers.

Let's get to the facts.  This may be a new concept for this puppet as he or she fails to articulate any.  The CO Senate Democrats claim this comment was in response to the sheriff's press conference held to announce the filing of the lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of two of these poorly written gun bills.  They make a claim that we held a press conference "while standing with a man convicted of shooting at his wife." I say, "wow!"  If he was guilty of this alleged attempted murder, shouldn’t he be in prison?  If not maybe it was due to the sloppiness of the Governor's administration that let him out of prison early and illegally as they have done recently.  It could be their liberal approach to catering to criminals by forcing him out of prison early and on parole because saving money is more important than citizen safety just as they did with the murdering convict, Evan Ebel.   I really have no idea who they are referring to.  I stood next to sheriffs, two disabled men in wheelchairs and a woman speaking for concealed carry.  My question is why didn't the media challenge them to give the name of this person?  Where is the accountability?   If this puppet is representing the "CO Senate Democrats" and feels that is an appropriate fact to claim, then they should back it up with evidence.  If I apply their low standard of integrity, then it is proper to state that one of the sponsors of the gun bills is a convicted criminal.   Yes, a member of our law-making legislature is a convicted criminal.   In fairness and in being consistent with their methodology I am justified claiming they stand by with criminals who sponsor laws that criminalize law abiding citizens.  Even if only one of them is a convicted criminal, then the others that side with her must stand with criminals.  Of course, that is using this puppet's logic and justification, which is truly inappropriate in my mind.   So actually the author of this tweet stands by criminals.  Another comparison; I once saw a picture of the Governor touting a big mug of what could be beer and a convicted felon is in the picture.  So does that mean he sides with criminals?  One could assume he does, and his recent record supports that statement.  I would say since this photo was taken at a private event and the logic behind the CO Senate Democrats arrives at similar assumption with regard to the press conference, then it is fair to apply their rules and claim the Governor sides with criminals and mass murders since he recently came to the defense of one, trumping the decision of a lawful jury.

They claim these laws are meant to prevent criminals and convicted murderers from getting guns. However, what is more obvious is that we need a law that requires legislators to have some basic understanding of the laws we have already.  I'm sure this puppet will be shocked, but I must say we already have those laws in place.  Shocking, as it may seem, we have had laws to prevent criminals like Ebel, who should not have been out of prison, from getting guns but criminals still get guns.  This may be shocking to the puppet, but law-abiding citizens already know this fact.  Imagine that, criminals still get guns just like Ebel did.  Now for the truth, these new laws the sheriffs are challenging do not have the words "convicted murderers" in the language.  So this spokesperson has no clue what they are talking about.   Before sending this accusatory tweet, should the puppet not be required to at least read the lawsuit which has been made public and further be required to have a basic understanding of the language contained in the new gun laws.  Clearly this puppet does not have even a basic level of understanding.  Why didn't KRDO or any media challenge them on that point?  Sure makes you wonder what side they have chosen.

The best part of the statement provided by KRDO from the CO Senate Democrats include the following words, "these laws are meant to prevent criminals--domestic violence offenders and convicted murderers from getting a gun."  Let’s think about this puppets' display of incompetence.  First of all, the lawsuit has nothing to do with the gun bills targeting accused domestic violence offenders.   Notice I said accused, I will explain this one later in greater detail and factually, but it's actually irrelevant and this puppet is trying to use 'poll tested' terms to avoid the facts and gain support.  We have laws to prevent criminals from buying guns, we have laws to prevent criminals from buying guns at gun shows, and we have laws to prevent criminals and convicted murderers from having someone else buy them guns.  This CO Senate Democrat spokesperson should know this, if they don't they should be fired and banned from public service.  My favorite quote is where this puppet contradicts his or her statement.  This puppet says, " in 2011, the background check system caught 38 murderers from having guns."  This statement clearly demonstrates the puppet’s recognition that we have these laws in place already.  What concerns me most is why do we have so many convicted murders on the streets?   Should they not be serving life sentences?  Shouldn't dangerous killers be in prison?  The public should be outraged at the thought of that many convicted murders roaming our streets.  Were these among the hundreds of convicts let out of prison early and illegally under the so-called leadership of Governor Hickenlooper?  By the way, ignoring a lawful sentence by a court is a criminal act of which one could serve jail time.

This puppet says these laws are to keep murderers from getting guns; is that not a ridiculous statement? But it happens, criminals may try to buy guns, however this mindless puppet cited 38 in 2011, which was actually 28 murderers denied in 2011 and it was actually 38 murderers denied gun purchases in 2012?    My point is we have the laws in place so why is this puppet making it appear these new laws address that concern?  The media outlets should have asked this person to explain why so many murderers are free on our streets.  Are we to assume these were people who attempted to purchase guns while in prison for self-defense, not likely!!  Existing Colorado law prevents convicted felons from purchasing, and even possessing firearms. Yet of the 7,362 convicted criminals prevented from purchasing firearms, only 236 convicted criminals were arrested for breaking these existing laws.  Yes, only 236 arrests of the 38-murderers, 12-kidnappers, 133-rapists, 76-robbers, 618-burglers, 498-thieves, and 1069-drug dealers and users.  The non-violent offenders fell under the "other” with 420 listed as "restraining order" that were denied purchases.  Of the 2,044 most dangerous convicted felons, only 236 were arrested.  On a side note, in 2011 only 169 were arrested.  That essentially means that in 2012 nearly 89% of these dangerous criminals were not charged and held accountable.  That’s concerning, especially since the State, under Governor Hickenlooper, is responsible for arresting these criminals when they attempt to purchase a gun.  One could argue his administration stands by criminals who attempt to obtain guns under current laws.   Why aren't they enforcing existing laws designed to address this concern, which they use to justify their new rash of gun grabbing laws?  Unfortunately, they don't report how many were convicted and returned to prison.  National statistics would suggest very few.  This information came directly from the State's website.  I am using the same source this mindless puppet used only I'm giving all the facts accurately.  Maybe we should enforce the laws we have, if we really want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but we can't as long as the Governor and his CO Senate Democrats side with these criminals and continue to employ policies that enable them to remain unaccountable.

Again, why are so many criminals on our streets ignoring existing laws intended to keep guns out of their hands?  The simple answer is there is a lack of accountability.  They know nothing will happen to them, therefore the risk is minimal and sanctions nonexistent.  Why aren't the CO Senate Democrats looking at these facts, existing laws and their early release programs that force criminals onto our streets?   I could steal a page from their playbook and suggest they are doing it intentionally to create the justification for their gun grab agenda.  After all, it is the Obama/Bloomberg agenda they are loyal to and so they must be obedient to the big money political organizations that own them.  They sold their souls, ignore their oath of office, ignore their electors and choose to stand by these people while targeting law-abiding citizens.  Why didn't KRDO or any other media outlet see through this pathetic statement of contradiction and hold the Co Senate Democrats accountable for this outrageous claim?  Why aren't other media outlets standing by law-abiding citizens and their God given rights?  The real irony of this is the media lives on their 1st Amendment right everyday but the other rights must not be important.  They were granted this right to hold government accountable by challenging them when they abuse their authority and infringe on the rights of their citizens.  They can challenge these lies and misleading statements but do not apply this ability equally.

Citizens should be asking the media these very questions.  Do not forget, KRDO did a special story pointing out the illegal release of convicted felons serving time in prison.  In fairness, I do not at all blame the KRDO reporter, because as this reporter stated in this story, KRDO attempted to contact the "Senate President John Morse" to find out his reaction, but calls were not returned.  The reporter was never given the opportunity to challenge this ridiculous, outrageous tweet because no one personally takes responsibility for it.  They issued an anonymous written statement thus preserving their corrupt reporting.  If they believed in the integrity of this statement, they would not be afraid to stand by it.  Since this twitter account is the "official twitter account of the Colorado State Senate Democrats" they should be accountable for it.  If a staff member wrote this, that staff members should be held accountable for this reckless accusation. I predict the CO Senate Democrats will not demonstrate transparency and reveal the responsible party and will stand by this puppet's claim.  They won't hold their own accountable since they can't even demonstrate a record of holding criminals accountable.

Their approach and behaviors make this quote truer than ever before:
"There are those in America today who have come to depend absolutely on government for their security. And when government fails, they seek to rectify that failure in the form of granting government more power. So, as government has failed to control crime and violence with the means given it by the Constitution, they seek to give it more power at the expense of the Constitution. But in doing so, in their willingness to give up their arms in the name of safety, they are really giving up their protection from what has always been the chief source of despotism -- government."  Gov. Ronald Reagan

"Yet, time after time, we Americans will cede our responsibility -- and our rights -- to the government in a desperate attempt to guarantee our safety. But the tradeoff is an illusion: we do not become more safe, and it is not free." Gov. Ronald Reagan

The Co Senate Democrats fail to show the courage to hold criminals accountable for their actions.  Their response is to pass more laws, which attack the God given rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens.  These rights are affirmed by the Constitution of the United States.  The gun grabbing policies and agendas promoted by the Co Senate Democrats erode these rights and further enable the very criminals they stand by and support.

I want to comment on the new domestic violence laws that I mentioned previously, since the puppet used it as an example, that are expected to take effect this July.  This law actually invades a person's property rights and it will be the only crime in Colorado that essentially presumes guilt before innocence.  A person accused/charged under domestic violence, must surrender their personal weapons and ammunition, by order of a judge, in one of three ways: turn in to law enforcement for a small storage fee, store with an FFL dealer or transfer temporarily to a private individual and then provide proof of background check and inventory to the courts or face violation of a court order and additional judicial sanctions.   By the way, according to Colorado Statistics, a small percentage actually involve violence.   This law, unlike any other in Colorado, clearly presumes guilt until proven innocent.   Murderers, rapists, and persons accused of 1st degree assault are not required by law to dispose of personal property prior to conviction.  Now for the facts, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's web site in 2011, 13,384 domestic violence cases were reported statewide.  Of those, 1869 cases involved aggravated assault, 227 involved the use of a firearm, which is 1.6% of all reported cases.  239 cases involved a blunt object, 476 a knife or cutting object and 80 a motor vehicle.  Of the 23 DV related homicides, less than 50% involved the use of a firearm.  The statistics do not support the intrusion of property rights or the shift of guilt before innocence.  Domestic violence is a societal problem but it does not rise to the level of quietly violating citizen's 4th Amendment Rights or completely undermining the very core of our criminal justice systems' long standing presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  This law is the slippery slope that erodes at the US Constitution and lacks any common sense.   No one will challenge or speak to that fact, because it's in line with the gun-grab agenda. The statewide statistics do not support this over-reaction.   It was merely the convenient agenda of a very small group of people.   Most non-violent DV cases, approximately 11,000, are dismissed or plead to a lesser charge and the suspects are given deferred sentences or probation.  The puppet that tried to use domestic violence as a justification for these laws was speaking out of complete ignorance.

The part of my interview with KRDO our citizens did not get to hear was where I challenged the author of that tweet to compare the sheriffs' record of standing with law-abiding citizens against that of the Senate Democrats.  I asked them to compare how dismal the record of CO Senate Democrats is at holding criminals accountable in comparison to that of the sheriffs.  I could go on and on, but let me give just a few simple examples.  Governor Hickenlooper overturned a jury's conviction on a mass murderer and then further disregarded law, established by the people, by ignoring the 6 weeks of testimony by the death penalty phase of the trial.  He took it upon himself, probably never having read the complete court records, to ignore the order of the presiding court and through his choice, created a financial liability on the backs of the tax paying citizens.   A retired employee who sat through that trial told me Dunlap never showed a sign of remorse.  Score one for the Democrat leadership in support of murderers, not to mention the 38 murderers they let out of prison who tried to buy a gun.  Next, they failed to pass laws protecting our children from sexual predators.  The Democrats voted 7 to 4 on a straight party line vote to kill Jessica's Law, a law that exists in almost every state in the country.  This law would clearly protect our children from the sexual predators that victimize children repeatedly.  This is another example where they side with criminals and stand against our children.   Children cannot vote, so they must not matter to the CO Senate Democrats.  Look at their efforts to reduce felony theft to misdemeanor.  That actually shows they don't care about victims of theft and their actions actually condone some acts of theft by letting criminals know some theft is really ok.  This is another example of the Co Senate Democrats siding with criminals.  Let's not forget the free pass they granted to illegal aliens.  They repealed a law that prohibited sanctuary cities and required local law enforcement to share information concerning contact with illegal aliens.  They claimed this would get illegals to report crimes.  That is among the lamest excuses dreamed up.  The fact is they stand by illegal alien criminals.  They claim Secure Communities voids that law, but the reality is Secure Communities only reports those illegal aliens arrested and booked into jails and their actions no longer require law enforcement to report suspected activity among illegal aliens or even contact with them. They can be here legally but the illegal aliens choose to ignore our laws and the CO Senate Democrats offer tacit approval at their refusal, even though millions of immigrants gained citizenship the legal way.  Here are four simple examples where they clearly align themselves with criminals and do it in some cases at the expense of legal law abiding citizens' rights and freedoms.  I could give numerous other examples but these clearly make my point.  My statements are backed with facts, which far exceed the effort demonstrated by the CO Senate Democrats' puppet.

Who really sides with the criminal and who will stand up for an unborn child, or children or even us law abiding citizens against criminals? It will not be the CO Senate Democrats and if you doubt that just check their recent legislative record and actions.

I need to make something very clear.  There are numerous democrats that side with the 55 sheriffs on this topic.  There are even self-proclaimed liberal democrats that stand with us in support of this lawsuit and are embarrassed by the actions of those in the legislature and what they have done.  There are many democrats and people of other political affiliations that share the same passion against this injustice of what the Colorado Senate Majority did this past legislative session.  I want to make it clear my comments referring to democrats are not all-inclusive and only intended to target those behind this attack on rights of law-abiding citizens.  This is not a partisan issue, this is not a racial issue, gender issue, gun owner versus non-gun owner or urban versus rural issue.  This is an issue for all who believe in our rights and freedoms to come together on common ground and take a stand for what is right.  While being active with this issue and taking a leadership role, I have had the pleasure to meet true patriots and fine people transcending all political beliefs and affiliation.  It is never my intent to categorically label like-minded people with one political party over another.  Our diversity is a strength and united we have a much louder voice and a more powerful message. 


  1. Ok Rebuttal---but it is missing the only point...The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed!!

    The Bill of Rights is beyond mere "amendment" status---they are inalienable rights for all humanity. The Constitution is flawed in this respect....The Bill of Rights should have been the beginning of the Constitution---not as a set of amendments. As a set of amendments---they are subject to the perverts, traitors and despots in our country to violate it and ultimatly amend the Bill of Rights away.

    You and your family's slaughter is coming---or you will chose to organize and attack before you and your family is gunned down or pushed into the gas chambers....What Would Henry Bowman Do?

    1. The Bill of Colorable Pretexts.

  2. Very well said. My fervent desire is the law be rescinded and ALL those who voted for it retired from public service, including the one who signed it into law.