Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colorado Open-Carry Rally, 4 July 2013, 0930 MDT, Westcliffe, CO

From a reader; flyer here – please spread the news far and wide:

We are having a huge 2nd Amendment/Support Our Sheriff’s March at the July 4th Parade in Westcliffe, Colorado.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club is turning its parade section into a 2nd Amendment celebration. This is an “OPEN CARRY” march, and will be the biggest such one in Colorado history. We are anticipating well over 500 armed citizens of Colorado to show their patriotism. Various military vehicles will also be in the march (including a 1942 Army half track with a full auto 1919 Browning machine gun), as well as a calvary detachment.
See the attached flyer for details. Evil black rifles are more than welcome.

We will be filming this for an extended You Tube film. Various state and local politicians and police officials will march with us.

It is time to STAND UP. Show up and help us save Colorado.

See our website for additional details: scpatriotsclub.com/blog/

Be there if you can and exercise your 2nd Amendment Right!


  1. thanks for share........

  2. I just read that the traitors of the US Constitution hae cancelled the parade! Following O'bama's snarkiness when he stopped the WH Tours??? Also, think of all the people who worked hard on other parts of the parade...the mindless, selfish O'bama slaves don't care about people's rights anyway, so they just close the entire event! Spoiled selfish brats!!

  3. No, the parade is back on. The editor of the local weekly paper ran a very nasty editorial, just a childish rant of irrational fear mongering which induced the Chamber of Commerce to drop their sponsorship. However, a town meeting was held with standing room only where citizens demanded the parade and sheriff Fred Jobe said he fully supported the march and would proudly march with us. The town council voted unanimously to sponsor the parade which is now as much in support of Sheriff Jobe as in support of the 2nd amendment.

  4. Your sherriff sounds like a badass mother. I'm jelly