Monday, July 1, 2013

Commierado Mag Swap Successful On Day Law Takes Effect

Well, WyoThreeper and myself arrived at the State Capitol today to take part in some good ol' fashion civil disobedience. The news crews were already there interviewing people. A Noon, the organizer of the event, Ryan Teluja, started speaking, making his point on why we were doing what we were about to do.

He 'broke the law' first by accepting a 9mm pistol mag that held more than 15 rounds with another gentleman. Then in return, he gave the same gentleman an AR15 magazine for his rifle.

Then he offered a magazine for sale, and someone offered him $10 for it. Sold!

The question was posed if anyone had any magazines they wanted to exchange. WyoThreeper handed him about a dozen 30 round magazines and I handed him my three 20-round mags, in front of the news cameras.

Media interviewing the event organizer
Then we were asked to form a circle, and the media was crowding themselves in the middle to get the mass civil disobedience that was about to happen on video.

Everyone was asked to pull out their magazines and start passing them the the left. With each pass of a magazine, we were breaking the law. We passed magazines for about a minute and when told to stop, we were informed that magazines we had in our hands now belonged to us. We broke the law about 15 times within a minute. State Troopers and city cops were visible but stayed quite a distance away.

No arrests were made. No 'high-capacity' mags injured anybody. And nobody was victimized as a result of our civil disobedience, except for law abiding citizens by the passage of this unenforceable and asinine law.

Resistor and WyoThreeper relieved they didn't get new matching bracelets.
Links to local media coverage:

The Denver Channel

CBS 4 Denver

9 News

Another at The Denver Channel before hand.

National Media:


We'll see how this all plays out. The lawsuit to overturn this law is being headed by 55 of the 64 Colorado State Sheriffs.

In addition there is a drive to put an "Ammo Amendment" on the 2014 ballot.

The fight's not over yet.


  1. thanks to those who did this.

  2. Mt Top Patriot7/01/2013 4:41 PM

    You all did awesome!!!!


  3. Well done, gentlemen. Wish I could have been there.

    Mike Vanderboegh

    1. You were in spirit, Mike, as well as in the hearts and minds of probably everybody there - and I'm sure they would acknowledge that.

    2. Agreed. ^
      Your name came up Mike. WyoThreeper and I discussed how it would have been nice to have you there but we would rather have you get well.

  4. Very well done. Hopefully this will help it gain the attention it deserves.

  5. Fantastic. It is time for all of us to stand up for our rights.
    Death to the NWO!

  6. In viewing the Americans circled circulating 15+ round magazines I noticed a great diversity in size, color, sex and ambulatory ability, not to mention any non-physical characteristics. Should make any true liberal proud as punch! Job well done mates, carry on.

  7. How many went to jail?

    1. Can't win over the masses without people going to jail.

      Another fail and waste of time.

    2. I suspect you are correct. I haven't seen this reported anywhere but on obscure blogs like this one or Mikes.

      This is analogous to mental masturbation is we don't impress the masses.

    3. We broke the law. Pure and simple. It wasn't our fault that the police and state troopers failed to enforce the law by arresting us. They saw what we were doing and chose to do nothing.

      We were there expecting to get arrested, so the failure doesn't lie with those of us who stepped up to break the law in public, on TV; the failure lies with those charged with enforcing the law.

      Failure to be arrested is not failure. We set a precedent for future situations. They didn't arrest us then, why all of the sudden do they decide to arrest us later for similar actions? There's your legal court case.

      Maybe you should try clicking on the links I provided above to major news outlets that carried the story. I wouldn't call them 'obscure'. Heck, Brietbart carried the story. Is that not NATIONAL enough for you?

      Hope you enjoyed sitting on your ass while others took the risk.

    4. Hey, As Mike V. Stated on his blog...the patriots of Colorado didn't want outsiders.

      It was an attempt, but as Martin Luther King demonstrated, you need to cause the enemy to over react.

      They'll just pick you up when the cameras are gone, audit you, delay/lose applications for home starts, etc.

      It would have advanced the cause had you simply been arrested.

      Try harder next time.

  8. Keep it up, Colorado, until you're as free as Arizona!

  9. Good job to all... Resist!

  10. Arizona is free?

    Ha, ha.

    Now that right there is funny.


  11. Good job Patriots. I am one of the few remaining in California to fight and not flee from my duty as an American citizen to protect our liberties.