Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Friends in America…

Some observations and warning on the current state of America from Bart ”Sergei” Norman, a Poland-based firearms instructor and security consultant who also serves as a Polish Army reservist.

Dear Friends in America…

…I think I should bring your attention to a few recent facts that naturally escape the limelight of glory in the mainstream media. Facts of obviously lesser importance than The New Royal Baby, Zimmerman’s trial and Justin Bieber’s new hairdo, or are they really…

The events that we have all seen in the past months have drawn my inquisitive nose over the great pond and into your part of the globe. And I must say, what I see happening is giving me the creeps.

I do see a significant discrepancy between what you people take for granted yet allow to be step by step taken away from you, and what life is really like here in Europe and the rest of the world. It amazes me how easily people in your country let go of the strings of liberty still in your grasp for a promise of the illusive security and prosperity. Well, sorry ladies and gentlemen, security is only as impenetrable as you make it for yourself, and prosperity only as lucrative as you make it grow with hard work. And it is the same everywhere in the world. The only difference is the amount of difficulties imposed by third parties that make achieving security and prosperity tougher.

As for now, you are all pretty much well off compared to some other parts of this planet. Most of you probably never experienced the strife of living under an oppressive dictatorship or an extremist regime, and the rest probably do not even give a damn about this topic whatsoever. Ignorance is the key to any man’s demise and, sorry to say this, most of you have reached master level in ignorance and I-do-not-give-a-damnism. If it concerns other nations, sure, why should anyone be bothered by problems halfway across the globe! However, if those same problems start to arise in your back garden and you still remain ignorant as if nothing was happening, well in that case, you might as well dig your own grave and just lay down inside the hole because you are on a direct route to ending up there in the near future anyway.

< snip >

You think it is not that bad over there where you live? Well what are you doing to make it stay that way? You people have a unique gift that was bestowed upon you by your founding fathers. Once you broke the chains of his majesty’s divine right to rule you, the guys that came after did not serve you the very same cake under a different name. They recognised YOUR divine right of freedom. Recently it is becoming more and more obvious that you have to be reminded that what you still have as a commonly accessible RIGHT, somewhere else it is a PRIVILEGE available to but a select few.

He's right.

If someone half-way across the world can see it happening, why can't the rest of our countrymen?

Too deep in the forest to see the trees?

Too deep into the idiot box?

Panem et circenses.

Keep training. Keep preparing.

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