Friday, July 26, 2013

Foreign Troops In Denver Training with National Guard (HazMat Drill)

Troops from Slovenia on the left in downtown Denver
From The Run Down Live:

American National guard is working with foreign military. Colorado is teamed with Slovenia and Jordan. He also revealed a major drill at Pepsi Center next week involving hazmat. The man speaking is the one on the left in the picture on my profile. This absolute TRUTH and PROOF that we have foreign troops working in cooperation with our NATIONAL GUARD!!!! FOREIGN TROOPS ON AMERICAN SOIL!!!
Outside Coors Field, Slovenian troops admit the partnership between National Guard troops and foreign military.
-Kris Custer

A HazMat drill occurred this week at the Pepsi Center with foreign military troops in conjunction with domestic troops?

I wonder if it will be another military night training event like we had in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles last year.

Keep your eyes and ears open.


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  1. The US military has been having more and more unannounced military exercises in US cities. So secret that not even the local police are informed. Recently the 160th SOAR conducted a mock assault on Port Angeles in Washington. While the mayor demanded answers, the Army never answered beyond mentioning the SOAR regiment.