Tuesday, July 30, 2013

IRS Now Has More Agents Than German Army

The Internal Revenue Service includes an estimated 106,000 agents and employees.

The Treasury Department allocated $11.522 billion to the agency for operations in 2009. Thanks to Obamacare the agency is expected to hire from 11,800 to 16,500 new agents.

That means the IRS will have from 117,800 to 122,500 after Obamacare is implemented.

The IRS has more agents than the German (62,279), Spanish (75,000) and Canadian (68,250) armies.

The Family Research Counsel also points out these shocking facts:

** The IRS has its own SWAT team.

It has its own intelligence unit.
** And it has more agents than the armies of Canada, Spain or Germany have soldiers

Don’t you feel safe now?
 Ah, yes. The Wealth Thieves have their own army. Must be why they need so many guns.


  1. All that number means is that 122,500 people have turned against their nation and the American people for their own selfish reasons.
    They call that treason regardless of who is in power.
    They no longer deserve to be called Americans.
    Yank lll

  2. More targets. . . Know thy neighbor's occupation.
    B Woodman

  3. As far as you know !