Wednesday, July 31, 2013

North Korean Nuclear Suicide Bombers? Translator Needed

Okay, who here understands Korean? A translation would be very much appreciated to find out what's in the radioactive chest packs. Thanks.


  1. I do not know Korean but say that nukes have been made small enough to fit in 155mm artillery shells. The average 155mm artillery shell is not backpack portable but certainly truck or shipping container portable.

    Engineering a miniature nuclear device is much harder than engineering a conventional one, but if North Korea has succeeded in exploding Plutonium-239 (more difficult than Uranium because of Plutonium-240 contamination: spontaneous fissions can cause pre-mature explosion and a "fizzle" yield far lower than when a full implosion of the plutonium sphere occurs) and has the brainpower to get a satellite into orbit, then it is inevitable they will learn linear, non-spherical implosion.

    The ironic thing is would not need a nuclear device to send the nation into a panic that leads to either martial law or massive usurpation of civil liberties. A dirty bomb would do.

  2. Video has been pulled but those are merely pads (kicking pads) used in TaeKwonDo with the nuke symbol on them. Nuclear kicks ...