Monday, July 29, 2013

Personal Camouflage For The Patriot

WRSA links here.

Blend in.


  1. Nice presentation. If not for his melon, the guy in multicam would be hard to spot. Sort of looks like the guy in Marpat has a bit more vegetation in from of him too. I call it a tossup. Of course, if you go through that whole slideshow, that isn't always the case. I've been looking at ILBE packs, and that's like buying a Ford Model T -- any pattern you want, as long as it's Marpat. (Or was that the Model A?) Though I note that with all the tan MOLLE webbing on those things, I don't know that the camo pattern matters all that much. I suppose the assumption is you'll have various other stuff hooked on anyway.

    Of course, with my limited budget this year, if things go TU, my camouflage will consist of rolling my Carhartts in the mud and leaves, and spraying my old Kelty pack with Krylon.

    1. Earth tone colored clothing works really well too. Mosby demonstrates this in class. Useful if you want to blend in within urban areas but allows you to 'disappear' in the woods effectively as well.