Monday, July 1, 2013

Press Release: 2nd Amendment Rally, July 4th, Westcliffe, CO

*Press Release*

2nd Amendment Rally/March

July 4th

*Independence Day*

Westcliffe, Colorado

Date Line:  Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

Huge 2nd Amendment and Support Our Sheriffs Rally and March at the July 4th Parade in Westcliffe. This is an Open Carry event where unloaded firearms (slung rifles and holstered handguns) are encouraged.

*The Southern Colorado Patriots Club* of Custer County is turning its section of the annual Westcliffe July 4th Parade into a celebration of our *2nd Amendment* and its importance today. The Rally also is being used to help the Support Our Sheriffs movement in their quest to overturn the recent unconstitutional gun laws recently passed in Colorado.

*It may be the biggest Open Carry 2nd Amendment March/Rally in Colorado

The 2nd Amendment participants will assemble in the field immediately west of the Club America building on Main Street before 9:00am. The Parade starts at 10:30am and proceeds west on Main St. We will assemble at the end and hear speeches from local and state officials.

The March will include a mounted (Cavalry) section, various military vehicles , Patriotic Floats, and various other Patriot groups including the Royal Gorge Tea Party, The Colorado Survivors Club, Colorado Moms Against Gun Control and The Liberty Action Group.

Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe will lead the March along with various officials including State House Representative Jim Wilson.

Front Range print, video and electronic press are invited. A film documentary will be created and aired on You Tube.

Please see the attached *Flyer* for details and protocols. Any questions of inquiries can be made at the Southern Colorado Patriots Club email site:,

or visit the website at

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