Friday, August 16, 2013

Deputy Sues 9-11 Caller After Getting Injured


If you're going to be a cop, expect to get hurt.
A deputy is now suing a woman who called for help during an emergency. It all stems from a deputy-involved shooting that happened in Katy last year.

The deputy says he was injured when she made that call from her subdivision. In this lawsuit, he claims the homeowner failed to adequately warn 9-1-1 of the dangerous situation he was walking into.

The lawsuit just filed in Harris County is raising some eyebrows.

Sheriff's deputy Brady Pullen is suing a woman named Camina Figueroa after a 9-1-1 call the deputy responded to at Figueroa's Katy home back in December.
The lawsuit claims Pullen was violently and physically attacked by a man who'd allegedly been using bath salts as a drug for several days.

"Look, it's unprecedented" Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "So we're allowing our legal staff to manage this case and we'll see where it takes us."

Sheriff Garcia wouldn't say much about Pullen's civil lawsuit but called the filing by his deputy unprecedented.
Read the rest of this nonsense here.

The courts have already ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you. So now if they do decide to do their job (Does protect and serve ring a bell?), will they now be able to sue you if they get hurt in the line of duty? Hopefully the judge throws this case out and makes an example of this guy.

The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason.


  1. While there still are a few cops (very few and diminishing in numbers every day) who believe in the concept of "Protect and Serve" and strive to be a part of the community, there are many more who believe they are privileged controllers of the community whose primary job is to adequately control the mundanes and go home safe while drawing a comfortable salary and extremely generous benefits.

    I believe we're fortunate in Aurora to still have a majority of the cops with the positive, member and protector of the community mindset and professional behavior. However, I'm saddened to report that over the last 10 - 12 years I have seen the undesirable "controllers" attitude (domestic gestapo) slowly increase and threaten to take over dominance.

  2. LEO need to 'police' their own ranks....but....we as a society do not want to get involved....'serve and protect'....never was a truthful statement...only a PR from the officials in charge.....who by the way are the top of the pecking order....need I say more.......I think not........imho