Friday, August 16, 2013

Domestic Terrorists - They Wear Shiny Badges

I spent 2 days this week in Jury Duty. It was for a murder case. Luckily I wasn't selected to serve on the 12 person Jury because I have lost all faith in 'Law Enforcement' per se. As a result, any testimony or evidence from 'Law Enforcement' would have been immediately questionable and doubtful in my mind.

This isn't breaking news to any of us that have been paying attention.
Since the early 80’s, the use of SWAT teams in civilian law enforcement has increased about 1500%. No, those two zeros are not a typo. At least FORTY completely innocent American citizens have been shot to death by rogue police, either because incompetent law enforcement officials hit the wrong address, or because startled homeowners attempted to defend themselves against the masked strangers violently entering their homes and were gunned down.
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As Mosby often repeats, "Hips and heads, kids. Hips and heads."

h/t Curtis


  1. The last time I was selected for a jury I was one of three who felt the entire case against the accused (possession with intent to sell and operating a criminal enterprise) was fabricated BS and we hung the jury for over a week. Every day the judge would call us in for an update on reaching a verdict. By the end of the sixth day there were 7 of us who agreed the case was BS.

    We were all called in individually and pressure was put on us to "follow the judge's instructions on the application of the law" and ignore "esoteric" questions concerning motives, methods,etc of the police and prosecutors.

    I and another juror who didn't "see the light" were removed from the jury and alternates installed -- they reached a guilty verdict on all counts in a couple of hours.

    A few days after the trial a few of us jurors got together -- including 2 who changed from not guilty to guilty -- and compared notes. The guys who "changed their minds" indicated, but would not say for the record, that they felt intimidated into changing their votes.

    Fortunately for the defendant his guilty verdict was overturned on appeal and he was never charged or retried again -- however, he lost his business, life savings, home and virtually all personal possessions to asset forfeiture. As far as I know he's never recovered any of that.

    Oh, and the good news -- I have apparently been blackballed from jury duty. I haven't been recalled in over 14 years! (knock on wood) While I have no problem in serving on a jury charged with seeking the truth and justice I fear no such animal any longer exists in our legal system.

  2. I haven't been called to jury duty since many years ago I showed up in a tie-dye and if I recall I might have even espoused jury nullification.