Friday, August 9, 2013

Mosby's Cranking Them Out: Underground Trade Craft Essays

Mosby's cranking out his essays. You should be reading them regularly and putting them into practice if you haven't already.

Preparedness advocates, whether they label themselves “survivalists” or “preppers,” fall along a wide spectrum of intensity and preparations, ranging from a total cataclysmic breakdown in the social fabric that will result in a Mad Max-type of tribalism, to those who look to previous socio-economic collapses, such as that suffered by Argentina in the last decade, where crime and violence and discomfort was certainly prevalent, but there was still some semblance of a social order (“Why, no James, actually, you cannot go out and kill all the people who looked askance at you in grade school!”).

Partisan Tactical Communications Options: The Technological Approach for Unconventional Warfare

(the following is a guest article, courtesy of MSG “Daniel Morgan,” USASF (retired). MSG Morgan spent a career in Special Forces as an 18E, Special Forces Communications NCO. He kinda knows what he’s talking about. As always, italicized parenthetical notes are mine.–J.M.)

Underground Trade-Craft: Tactical Applications of the Defensive Sidearm, Part One, an Introduction

For the UW Partisan, operating as a part of the underground or auxiliary, the preferred use of the rifle for defensive shooting will not always, or even often, be a principal option available. The requirement to function clandestinely, or even covertly, will generally preclude the bulk of even a folding stock Kalashnikov, concealed in the proverbial racquet ball case. Additionally, even the paramilitary guerrilla partisan, convinced of his ability to run-and-gun in the woods or streets, with his Kalashnikov or Stoner rifle (or, God forbid, a fucking M14 variant…), will find it necessary to utilize the concealed sidearm as a primary weapon system until the time comes that he finds himself hiding out in the hinter-boonies. You can be the proverbial Rifleman all you want, but if you don’t know how to run a concealed sidearm effectively, you’re never going to get the chance to get your rifle into action, in the long run.

Underground Tradecraft: Tactical Applications of the Defensive Sidearm, Part 1.5

(In the vein of “rolling with the punches,” or “going with the flow,” I’m going to take a slight tangent off course with this installment of this article series, and cover two or three things that resulted from the apparent widespread interest in the previous installment. –J.M.)

Do something this weekend to prepare and practice. Things are moving at a quicker pace and time's running out.

Stay safe.

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