Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jose Guerena’s Family Gets Settlement - Killers Still Free and Employed

Still waiting for justice to be served. The payout to Jose's wife is merely compensation.
Her lawsuit was settled in September 2013.  How is it that a county can admit wrongdoing — to the tune of $3,400,000 — but manages to retain all parties involved?  Why was no one fired?  What policy changes have been made to prevent others from being killed in the name of keeping plants off the streets?
Refresh your minds with the details here of how Jose was murdered in his own home by criminals with badges.

Even when wrong, they will always win...as long they get to choose when and where.


  1. "How is it that a county can admit wrongdoing — to the tune of $3,400,000 — but manages to retain all parties involved?"

    I would say the answer to that question lies within the question. The family accepted compensation in lieu of justice. I am quite sure that the terms of the deal mention that the family will drop the matter.

    They (the family) SOLD their righteous indignation to the tune of 3.4 million.

    The family no longer deserves any mention, I will hold no truck with those who sell their souls instead of pursuing justice.

    I am baffled that many of the patriot bloggers are not as EQUALLY outraged with the family.

  2. Hey NC IIIper-
    The family's bread winner was gunned down. Who is going to feed, house, and clothe his son? You? I will not cast aspersions unless I see first hand the wife acting and spending in a profligate manner. It sucks that the taxpayers of Tucson are on the hook for that sum, but this is the world we live in. It is the officers and their commanders who should be bankrupted to pay the 3.4 million, not the taxpayers. I hope your family never knows the loss Mrs Guerena feels. To be accused of selling her soul is adding insult to injury.
    Compensation in lieu of justice? Yes. But she would NEVER get justice so I can't fault her for taking a paid off hoise, groceries, and a college fund as consolation for a dead spouse. It beats a dead spouse and No money.