Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Hide From Predator Drones UAV

The federal government has increased hostile behavior towards law-abiding constitutional citizens that simply wish to live free. If you have read our previous article The American Government Continues to Target Preppers, you are fully aware that the Department of Homeland Security (the guys who now control domestic drones) have classified survivalists, preppers, veterans and constitutional conservatives as potential terrorists. In addition to DHS targeting Americans, purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition, and a couple thousand UPV – Urban Pacification Vehicles, while states like Colorado force retailers to report citizens who purchase food in bulk as ‘suspicious’. As of March, 2013 – the FAA has authorized over 106 Government ‘Entities’ to fly domestic drones.

To be adequately prepared means understanding the fundamental dynamics of drone evasion and survival. Over the past few years people have scrambled for ways to evade and disable predator drones. Militias and military organizations with the proper equipment are capable of disabling drones via the use of:
  • Manned Aerial Fighters
  • Surface/Ground to Air Missiles SAM/GTAM
  • Theoretical Aerial Mines (Weather balloon perimeter grid equipped with impact detonated mines)
  • MANPADS/MPADS Shoulder launched SAM/GTAM
  • Anti-Drone Technology such as EW/ECM Data link Jammers
  • GPS/RF Jamming Technology for Micro-drones (You can easily build your own)
  • There has been some success in shooting down large fast flying US military drones – similar to the BAU - using small arms fire; AK47s, M16, Shotguns and Etc.
  • Russian Issued Sky Grabber Software for Signal Hacking
Knowing how to disable a predator drone sounds good but the reality is drone technology continues to advance and their weaknesses will be quickly addressed. Luckily, drone technology isn’t there yet and can be tricked with some rudimentary tactics.
More details on UAV evasion techniques can be read at the site.

More tools for your tool drawer.

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