Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cops Force Man To Undergo Colonoscopy Because He Clenched His Ass

Deliberate. Blatant. Unforgivable. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Here's the breakdown of what happened from Chicks on The Right:
1.  David Eckert, regular Joe Shmo, finishes up his shopping at Walmart, and then neglects to come to a complete stop at a stop sign pulling out of the parking lot.  Cop stops him.
2.  Cop observes David Eckert seemingly clenching his butt cheeks.  Decides that's probable cause to suspect Eckert is hiding drugs in his butt.  He detains Eckert and obtains search warrant to allow for an anal cavity search.
3.  Cop takes Eckert to ER.  Doc there refuses to do cavity search citing it's "unethical."
4.  Other medical center is all, "Sure!  We'll happily anally probe him!"  Eckert is admitted.  And then the real fun begins.
*  Eckert's abdomen is x-rayed.  No drugs.
*  Eckert's anus is probed.  No drugs.
*  Eckert's anus is probed again.  Still no drugs.
*  Eckert is given an enema, and forced to crap in front of docs and police.  His stool is searched.  No drugs.
*  A second enema is given.  Same deal.  No drugs.
*  A third enema is given.  Again, no drugs.
*  Docs perform another x-ray.  No drugs.
*  Eckert is sedated, and a freaking COLONOSCOPY is performed.  NO FREAKING DRUGS.
At no time during any of this did Eckert agree or give consent.  In fact, he protested throughout, as well he should have.  And he's suing the crap out of everyone now, as well as he should. And with any luck, he'll win, because if you can believe it, the story gets even better.

The medical center which subjected him to all of this crap?  NOT IN THE COUNTY WHERE THE WARRANT WAS ISSUED.  Whoops.  And even if it HAD been?  It expired at 10pm, which was three hours BEFORE the colonoscopy occurred.  Double whoops.

And the icing on the cake?  The medical center is BILLING ECKERT for all of these procedures, you guys.

I can't even process how much is wrong with this.  Apparently, if you look like you might be clenching your butt cheeks, you can suffer through a freaking COLONOSCOPY at the hands of cops now.

We still live in America, right?
When the PTB aren't subject to the rules, neither are the people they insist they lord over.

You "Good Cops" better clean your own house and soon, or you might get caught up with the garbage when people take it upon themselves to do the job for you.

This isn't a threat. This isn't a warning. This is just reality.

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