Sunday, November 10, 2013

Free Morale Patch Offer

Reader J Dawg sends:
Hey Resister in the Rockies (and WRSA guy)

OK, so I'm in the marketing/advertising business and had a credit with a vendor that was expiring, so I had to use the money or I'd lose it.
I've been inspired by your blogs (WRSA & Resister in the Rockies), so I decided all of us patriot readers needed a “morale patch”. As a result, I had 200 of them made and will be giving them away for FREE while they last.
100 in Coyote and 100 in OD Green. Both versions have hook n' loop back so they're easy to slap on a shirt, pack, or wherever. The patches are 2” in diameter. I chose the international symbol for electrical resistance, because it's a subtle way to say that “I'm a resistor”. Maybe we're all part of Ohm's Army?  I've seen it on your blog before!
So here's how you and your readers can get one of these FREE spiffy morale patches
1. SEND: Send a self-addressed, stamped #10 business envelope with 46-cents postage affixed ,to the address below. That's a first class stamp.

2. COLOR: Indicate which color you want- Coyote or OD green on a slip of paper. I'll do my best to get you what you want, but if I run out of one color , I'll substitute the other.

3. IF I RUN OUT of patches, I'm sorry, but I'll simply return the envelope empty (You're riskin' 46-cents!). Not much else I can do. I'll let WRSA and R in the R know.

4. LIMIT: Limit one patch per household, please.
If people really like them and want them, then I'll consider making some up and sell them for $3 each. Might consider a baseball cap with a direct-embroidery too if there's interest.
Send your request to:

J Dawg's Free Morale Patch
P.O. Box 170695
Milwaukee, WI 53217
As they come in, I'll drop a patch in your envelope and mail it pronto!
P.S. If the heat ever wants to know what that symbol means, simply tell them that it's your “electronics club from high school”
P.S.S. I know that “one who resists, is a resister” and that the symbol I used is for resistor, but let's not get too technical here, OK!? 
Thanks J Dawg! That's very generous of you.

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