Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MultiCam - Now In Five Flavors

The Multicam pattern we've all grown to love (or hate) has now added 3 new patterns for various climates and 1 new pattern for LEO. Let's take a look, shall we? The italicized descriptions are directly from the MultiCam site.

First, we have the classic MultiCam pattern we are all familiar with:
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MultiCam®: The base – the original combat-proven pattern that offers the widest range of environmental effectiveness – ideally suited for apparel & gear that must be employed throughout mixed or varied environments.

Second, the MultiCam pattern tweaked for desert conditions:
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MultiCam Arid™: A pattern intended for open sand and rock – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in bright open desert terrain.

Third, the pattern tweaked for lush vegetation:
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MultiCam Tropic™: A pattern intended for deep verdant jungle use – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in a dense jungle environment.

Fourth, snow camo:
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MultiCam Alpine™: A pattern intended for snow-covered areas – ideally suited for over-garments and gear covers when/where snow cover is present.

Fifth, and guaranteed to be most hated for other reasons than the color, the LEO pattern:
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MultiCam Black™: While not a geographically-based pattern, MultiCam Black™ gives law enforcement groups a sharp and authoritative presence suited to domestic L.E. operations where projecting a strong and distinct image is a critical concern. MultiCam Black™ is designed to complement a wide range of existing armor and gear colors (for instance, green or black vests both look well-matched when paired with MultiCam Black™ uniforms).

So, there we have it.

For those of you who need a camouflage more suited to your AO, you now have better options.

But don't go throwing away your original MultiCam camos away yet. According to the website, "The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment, all while helping the wearer do so with the least amount of kit possible."

You can learn more at multicampattern.com


  1. Cool.
    BUT I find it ironic that after touting MC as a "one type fits all" pattern, there's a concerted return in the camo industry- between MC and Kryptek, at least, to re-introduce camo based for specific terrain types.
    Well, geez, who didn't see that coming....
    Call me stupid, but think of all the money in "research" that could have been saved if they'd just stuck to classic BDU "woodland" for green areas, DCU 3-color desert for... the desert, and a basic snow pattern. Or OD/RG and FDE/CB for those that don't want/need a pattern. All of which seems to work just great to me, every time I see it worn in it's applicable environment...
    And maybe we could have avoided the digi-cam abominations all together... lol

    That being said, I'll get in line for some Tropic and Alpine.

  2. I agree, for the most part; but woodland and tri-color were due for a revamp anyway. Original Multicam was a good stepping stone, and an incredible in-between for varied environments like Afghanistan (and California for that matter)

    I will also be coveting the Tropic Multicam