Saturday, November 16, 2013

Samuel Culper: The Problem with Win First

I see several critical shortcomings in their strategy, if you can call it that.  To restate that strategy, it’s two fold:  leave our country, or get killed.

I’ll start out by making some analogies.  If you’re building a house, you start with a… building blueprint.  If you’re starting a business, you start with a… business plan.  If you’re conducting an operation, you start with the… planning phase of the mission.  (And mission analysis soon follows.)  Call me crazy but I like to measure twice and cut once.  I don’t like to get halfway through a project, and realize that I have to go back to a previous step because I failed to plan (proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance), or realize that I have to start all over because I screwed it up royally.  I’d like to enjoy the cake I bake the first go around.

I really feel like I’m pointing out the obvious here.  Here are my objections, in summary.

Go here to read the rest of Sam's spot-on analysis.

Having no plan is a plan to fail.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


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