Friday, November 8, 2013

The Badge Rapes Keep on Coming: NM Customs and Border Protection Vaginally Probes Woman

This is a chronic epidemic right up there with puppycide.
On the heels of the shocking anal probing controversy in New Mexico, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has revealed that a New Mexico woman was allegedly stripped-searched, vaginally probed and then taken to a hospital for more invasive examinations after crossing into El Paso, Texas, from Mexico in December.

The biggest difference between this case and the anal probing cases in New Mexico, she said, is the Border Patrol had no search warrant when it took her client to the hospital in El Paso. No drugs were ever found on the woman.
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They can't hide behind their badge forever.


  1. Interesting story but if the women came through a Port of Entry, then she was in the custody of the CBP Office of Field Operations not the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol works between the Ports of Entry, not at the Ports of Entry.
    By the way, the Courts have ruled that no one has any Constitutional rights when making an entry into the US through a Port of Entry. Until the inspector is satisfied that you are who you say you are and are not illegally smuggling something into the US, you can be held or excluded entry into the US.
    How do I know all this? I am an agent with the Border Patrol since 1984.....................

    1. I was just going off by what the news story reported. Further research shows you're correct. I've adjusted the image and title accordingly. Thanks for the correction.

  2. Interesting, I've not heard that before. Thanks for the explanation. I didn't know that it was proper to vaginally probe women just because the courts say they have no "Constitutional Rights". I always thought we should hold our actions to a higher standard. Who'd have thunk?

  3. Sir, that's how the courts have ruled. How about coming on down to a POE, leave the US and then come back in and tell the inspector about your rights? Maybe your case will change the law? Now to really make it interesting, if that women would have jumped the fence and was arrested by us, she has the same Constitutional rights has you!
    She would get juice and cookies before taking a Voluntary Return to the country of Mexico if she were a Mexican Citizen. If she was a USC, we'd take her to the nearest POE and turn her over to OFO where she would be issued a $10,000.00 for entering at a place not designated as a POE. No money to pay the fine? No problem, the issue is turned over to the IRS where they willl garnish her tax refunds till the fine is paid off. Great country, remember to vote early and often!

  4. "that's how the courts have ruled"? Hmmn. Kinda sounds like "I was just following orders". Rulings and orders don't justify doing things that are considered morally wrong. I seem to remember numerous trials that have verified that concept. Are you approving of these officer's actions?

    Since I assume there's not a hospital at the Port of Entry, it's pretty certain that she was actually in the U.S. when she was taken to a hospital for the "invasive examinations" with no warrant thing. That makes it more than a bit illegal. If proven true all involved should end up in prison where they can personally learn the joy of invasive body probing.

    Protecting the border may be a tough job, but there's still right and wrong. How would you feel about this if some other officer had done this to your daughter? I'm thinking you'd see it in a somewhat different light. Lot's of officer's out there are taking shortcuts in a "the end justifies the means" mindset. It's leading to a general distrust of all law enforcement. Good officers standing up for bad actions of bad officers taint all. I was in the military, I know that doing what's allowed and what's honorable are two different things.

    It may stink to protect the border while still doing the right thing. These people may not yet have "Constitutional Rights" because they haven't cross into the country yet, but they still have human rights. BTW, using acronyms (such as USC or OFO) that your audience doesn't know is poor practice.

  5. Hey, thanks for the groupthink "Border Agent since 1984" Big Bro send a big ole pat on the back to you for the fine boot lickin'. I'm sure when it all melts down people will view your service to Big Brother in a positive light.

    Glad I'm not you...