Friday, November 1, 2013

TSA Targeted at LAX Terminal 3 Shooting

According to a witness I heard being interviewed on the radio, the gunman asked the witness who was huddled behind his baggage, if he was TSA. When the witness nodded in the negative, the gunman moved on.

The gunman was described by the witness as wearing casual clothing. News websites reporting he was in camo. Hmm...

The supposed weapon at the foot of the officer.
Los Angeles Airport Police Friday said a at least one suspect was in reportedly custody following a shooting at Terminal 3 at LAX.
CBS News’ John Miller reported that the suspect or suspects entered the terminal wearing camouflage and opened fire around 9:30 a.m., wounding at least three people.

Preliminary indications show that the suspect(s) was targeting TSA employees, according to Miller.

A TSA employee was reportedly shot in the leg in addition to two other people, however, CBS2/KCAL9 has not been able to confirm that report.
More here.

An unnamed source speaking to CBS News' Charlie Kaye said the shooter was an off-duty TSA agent. (source)

There are some discrepancies in his description of the shooter than what's being reported.

UPDATE: Suspect dead from wounds (unconfirmed) as is the other TSA Agent that was shot (confirmed).


  1. Mutiny within the ranks...

  2. It is official and confirmed by enemy comms at CNN, as of 4:46 pm, EST.
    Those criminal pundits and traitors have announced that the LAX shooter was a 23 y/o white male.
    Moreover, CNN also announced that after being wounded, arrested and searched the "shooter" was conveniently found to be carrying "anit-government" literature.
    Wow, very believeable and convincing CNN.