Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Colorado School Shooting

Colorado has had another school shooting today.

2 wounded. Gunman dead of self-inflicted gunshot.

Shooter used a shotgun so I guess the 'hi-cap' magazine ban worked to stop murderers...not.

Get ready for more 'common sense' gun laws. 

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  1. This was my high school. I graduated here, went off and did the military, found my way in to fire, and police work. I grew up here, but, Colorado has some serious issues with mental illness and gun users killing people in schools and theaters. I am at a loss of words. It is time to covertly train and arm school staff. Not all of the staff, just a select group of them. Violence of action to suppress these folks. Prayers for my community, families, and all affected by this nonsense.

  2. Time to give them the choice to carry or not and to train or not. Carrying and training is not really relevant here.
    It wouldn't have mattered if they replaced the staff with Navy Seals that day. When you're talking two wounded and once suicide with a shotgun then nobody short of Superman could have ended this scenario more pleasantly.

  3. I suspect there are already teachers in schools all over the nation who have decided the risk of losing their job for carrying is less than the risk of not having a gun in the event that some shooter turns up at their school.

  4. I tend to agree with all that are advocating the concealed carry of arms by a select group of teachers as that is their rightful decision under our constitution. However, the decline of our society that precipitated these school shootings did not happen over night. The decline in general of every single public school across America started 50+ years ago with the supreme court ruling that there should be no more reference to religion by starting the school day with our Lord's Prayer! Children who perhaps did not have any spiritual education were now exposed to the concept that there is something bigger surrounding this world that what they could see. It had an effect on their conscience and provided a sense of what was right and what was wrong. Now that that concept was conveniently striped from the fabric of education, and a more secular, hedonistic, and violent culture has sprung forward we are all aghast at what results later in society. I believe that the Apostle Paul stated it best: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he will return to it. (This is a paraphrase but you get the message). There is a bigger picture here, and armed school teachers, gun bans, and gun free zones have not curtailed this problem as we have just witnessed again. Lack of morality, empathy, and personal responsibility are what children of this generation and the ones that preceded them is what is lacking here. Address that by inviting GOD back in our country at every level and we may stand a chance at survival.
    FL-Flat Lander

  5. The Denver Post reported that the kid was a democrate and anti-gun. How ironic.

  6. We need to trace this problem back to it's roots. Yes, there is a spiritual component that can't be ignored. However, this kind of problem ramped up with the 1996 gun free school zone amendment making schools victim disarmament zones. Thanks to our Republican friends no less. What was official for most school districts due to political correctness, was now a Federal law. A free fire zone for cowards. How stupid can we get?? With our most precious no less. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    When I went to (suburban) school in the 60's and 70's guns were on school grounds for instruction/target shooting or in guys cars for hunting. We never had a problem. Further, most of us carried folding pocket knives. No stabbings either. Fights, yes, stabbings, no. It's time to get rid of the deadly GFZ school law. If the feds won't, then the states can do it, as some have already, in part.

    Those that can legally be armed must be allowed to do so. Concealed would work best so as not to be a distraction. Just the knowledge that any adult may be armed would be enough to keep these cowards from doing what they do. And if one was stupid enough to try it, down the perp goes before taking a lot of innocents.

    It really isn't complicated.


  7. The "High Capacity" magazine ban worked, the capacity was just left too high. Were it just set to 0 this wouldn't have happened, right?
    /liberal mode off

  8. Bobcat, I also wet to school in the 70's. Lots of guys brought their guns to school so they could go hunting. We had none of these problems. I also did not know anyone on psychotropic drugs. Seems to me this is what we need to look at.

  9. Here is a good follow-up article by the staff at Legal Heat... So much logic.