Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Bracken Anthology - Price Increase Tomorrow

From Matt:
I'm going to jack up the Kindle price of the Bracken Anthology to $3 tomorrow. Just a heads-up, if you haven't gotten it yet at .99 cents.
Even at $3, it's a bargain. It's around 190 pages if printed. If you want to get it for 99¢, today is your last chance.

The Bracken Anthology includes the following:
1. Arm Thy Neighbor
2. The CW2 Cube: Mapping the Meta-Terrain of Civil War Two
3. In Praise of Duplexed AR-15 Magazines
4. Professor Raoul X (short fiction)
5. Q&A with Matthew Bracken about Castigo Cay
6. Just A Working Man With His Tools (covert rifle carrier)
7. Review of Joseph P. Martino’s “Resistance to Tyranny”
8. Gangster Government and Sakharov's Immunity
9. Night Fighting 101
10. When the music stops: How America's cities may explode in violence
11. How Islam could be brought to an end
12. What I Saw At The Coup (short fiction)
13. I will not submit. I will never surrender.
14. Trapping Feral Pigs and Other Parables of Modern Life
15. Benghazi’s Smoking Gun? Only President Can Give ‘Cross-Border Authority’
16. Dear Mr. Security Agent: An open letter to law enforcement on gun control
17. Alas, Brave New Babylon (short fiction)
You can get it on Amazon here.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Deer Trail Colorado - Drone Hunting Permits Available For Purchase

The Colorado town of Deer Trail is now making their controversial Drone Hunting Permits available for purchase.

The first 1,000 permits will be hand signed.

You can order them here.

Bracken: Alas, Brave New Babylon

Bracken pens a new short story.

Read it over at WRSA.

You won't be disappointed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Deputy Sues 9-11 Caller After Getting Injured


If you're going to be a cop, expect to get hurt.
A deputy is now suing a woman who called for help during an emergency. It all stems from a deputy-involved shooting that happened in Katy last year.

The deputy says he was injured when she made that call from her subdivision. In this lawsuit, he claims the homeowner failed to adequately warn 9-1-1 of the dangerous situation he was walking into.

The lawsuit just filed in Harris County is raising some eyebrows.

Sheriff's deputy Brady Pullen is suing a woman named Camina Figueroa after a 9-1-1 call the deputy responded to at Figueroa's Katy home back in December.
The lawsuit claims Pullen was violently and physically attacked by a man who'd allegedly been using bath salts as a drug for several days.

"Look, it's unprecedented" Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said. "So we're allowing our legal staff to manage this case and we'll see where it takes us."

Sheriff Garcia wouldn't say much about Pullen's civil lawsuit but called the filing by his deputy unprecedented.
Read the rest of this nonsense here.

The courts have already ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you. So now if they do decide to do their job (Does protect and serve ring a bell?), will they now be able to sue you if they get hurt in the line of duty? Hopefully the judge throws this case out and makes an example of this guy.

The 2nd Amendment is there for a reason.

Domestic Terrorists - They Wear Shiny Badges

I spent 2 days this week in Jury Duty. It was for a murder case. Luckily I wasn't selected to serve on the 12 person Jury because I have lost all faith in 'Law Enforcement' per se. As a result, any testimony or evidence from 'Law Enforcement' would have been immediately questionable and doubtful in my mind.

This isn't breaking news to any of us that have been paying attention.
Since the early 80’s, the use of SWAT teams in civilian law enforcement has increased about 1500%. No, those two zeros are not a typo. At least FORTY completely innocent American citizens have been shot to death by rogue police, either because incompetent law enforcement officials hit the wrong address, or because startled homeowners attempted to defend themselves against the masked strangers violently entering their homes and were gunned down.
Read the rest here.

As Mosby often repeats, "Hips and heads, kids. Hips and heads."

h/t Curtis

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gauss Machine Gun (Coil Gun)

Yes, it's not perfect. But with some more tinkering and fine tuning, imagine the potential!
Let's see them try regulating this type of weapon.
Gotta love human ingenuity.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Max Velocity: The Home Invasion Dilemma - Discussion, Scenarios, and Solutions

Max Velocity discusses the home invasion scenario, whether it be a group of thugs, or a group of thugs with badges. Read and consider here.

He also offers follow up solutions for home invasions. In summary, submit or fight. You can find that here.

Don't make it easy for them.

Mosby's Cranking Them Out: Underground Trade Craft Essays

Mosby's cranking out his essays. You should be reading them regularly and putting them into practice if you haven't already.

Preparedness advocates, whether they label themselves “survivalists” or “preppers,” fall along a wide spectrum of intensity and preparations, ranging from a total cataclysmic breakdown in the social fabric that will result in a Mad Max-type of tribalism, to those who look to previous socio-economic collapses, such as that suffered by Argentina in the last decade, where crime and violence and discomfort was certainly prevalent, but there was still some semblance of a social order (“Why, no James, actually, you cannot go out and kill all the people who looked askance at you in grade school!”).

Partisan Tactical Communications Options: The Technological Approach for Unconventional Warfare

(the following is a guest article, courtesy of MSG “Daniel Morgan,” USASF (retired). MSG Morgan spent a career in Special Forces as an 18E, Special Forces Communications NCO. He kinda knows what he’s talking about. As always, italicized parenthetical notes are mine.–J.M.)

Underground Trade-Craft: Tactical Applications of the Defensive Sidearm, Part One, an Introduction

For the UW Partisan, operating as a part of the underground or auxiliary, the preferred use of the rifle for defensive shooting will not always, or even often, be a principal option available. The requirement to function clandestinely, or even covertly, will generally preclude the bulk of even a folding stock Kalashnikov, concealed in the proverbial racquet ball case. Additionally, even the paramilitary guerrilla partisan, convinced of his ability to run-and-gun in the woods or streets, with his Kalashnikov or Stoner rifle (or, God forbid, a fucking M14 variant…), will find it necessary to utilize the concealed sidearm as a primary weapon system until the time comes that he finds himself hiding out in the hinter-boonies. You can be the proverbial Rifleman all you want, but if you don’t know how to run a concealed sidearm effectively, you’re never going to get the chance to get your rifle into action, in the long run.

Underground Tradecraft: Tactical Applications of the Defensive Sidearm, Part 1.5

(In the vein of “rolling with the punches,” or “going with the flow,” I’m going to take a slight tangent off course with this installment of this article series, and cover two or three things that resulted from the apparent widespread interest in the previous installment. –J.M.)

Do something this weekend to prepare and practice. Things are moving at a quicker pace and time's running out.

Stay safe.

Two Encrypted E-mail Service Providers Shut Down

Two providers of encrypted e-mail services have shut down services.

The first is Lavabit.  They have replaced their website with a letter of explanation on why they are shutting down. It's the encryption service Edward Snowden used and it is believed his emails are the reason for the shut down although they cannot legally confirm this.

The second is Silent Circle. Shortly after Lavabit's announcement, they preemptively killed  their encrypted email services "rather than be “complicit” with NSA spying."

Looks like we're running out of options here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Hand Account of Drone At Peaceful Protest

Photo of drone taken at the Save the St. Lucie River and Martin County Wildlife protest in Phipps Park in Stuart, FL on August 3, 2013 ©Nicole Paquette
Below is a first hand account from a former co-worker and friend about this drone.
I was at the Save the St. Lucie River and Martin County Wildlife protest in Phipps Park in Stuart, FL on August 3, 2013 when this little drone popped in on us. It appeared to zip in over the parking lot over to where the people we gathering to protest peacefully I might add!

My husband and I had just walked in and starting talking to the gal who was taking signatures for the petition to stop Lake Okeechobee discharges into the Indian River. The drone flew straight from the parking lot over to the edge of the gathering/protest where my husband, the petition gal and I were standing and talking. We hear a flapping/fluttering above and the three of us look up and there is a drone that just flew up to us right above us about two stories. We all looked at each other puzzled that there was possibly a drone flying above us. We actually all said...."Is that a drone above us?"

I handed the things I had in my hands over to my husband and started taking pictures. It continued to hover over me while I took pictures for a minute or two. Then the drone did a 180 degree turn and flew back over the parking lot and appeared to fly out of the protest. A gal that I knew that was there in a another location at the protest said it did the same thing to her that day and that others saw the drone as well during the protest.

To say the very least this was most unsettling to me. My privacy felt completely violated. I can't imagine a day where I would be followed by drones in public. It just feels icky.

It's almost like "it" saw me taking pictures of it and then took off! CREEPY!!! I didn't think that having a drone hovering over me was an actual reality...other than hearing about it in the news...

I know we are video taped pretty much every time we leave our homes but this is just a whole new level of spin on it. It's not only a floating's not good in any way on US soil to violate it's citizens stations, police, government, military using them...not okay! If a news station wants to take pictures of me, then they need to ask me first. ALWAYS!!! There wont be a day in my life where I think these drones are okay no matter the use. I deserve privacy...its MY fundamental right!

Another thing to think of is yes, people could be using it for filming and pictures for media purposes but when does it cross the line and what else are these images/videos being used for if needed? If we all become desensitized to these "media" drones, they could eventually be everywhere collecting information on everyone all of the time. A bit of line crossing when it comes to my privacy in my mind. I'm not ever doing anything wrong, but I HATE that there are video cameras on every corner. I am going to hate if there are drones flying around in the very near future taking video and pictures of me in public. I am sorry but I do feel very violated. Call me extreme but I think that this is a bit extreme. Just use human beings to take pictures and videos. Do all of you media people want to be out of jobs because drones are replacing humans?...again extreme but very real for the future.
We need to make noise about this before "they" start passing laws that allow these drones in our lives everyday. Supposedly "they" are testing drones in specific areas now that aren't announced to see how best these drones can be used. How do we stop this before it gets completely out of hand?
Attached is an image of the drone (as seen at the top of the page - Resister) and the protest.
Now this event occurred on August 3rd. Just days earlier on April 28th, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law restricting the use of drones by law enforcement except in extreme cases involving "imminent danger to life or serious damage to property" and when "credible intelligence" from the federal Department of Homeland Security points to "a high risk of a terrorist attack."

So either this was a privately owned drone, a news agency's drone, or some LE agency didn't get the memo.

Maybe Florida needs to offer Drone Hunting Permits too?

Monday, August 5, 2013

TOR Compromised By The Feds

The inevitable conclusion is that the malware is designed specifically to attack the Tor browser. The strongest clue that the culprit is the FBI, beyond the circumstantial timing of Marques’ arrest, is that the malware does nothing but identify the target.

< snip >

But the Magneto code doesn’t download anything. It looks up the victim’s MAC address — a unique hardware identifier for the computer’s network or Wi-Fi card — and the victim’s Windows hostname. Then it sends it to the Virginia server, outside of Tor, to expose the user’s real IP address, and coded as a standard HTTP web request.

< snip >

In short, Magneto reads like the x86 machine code embodiment of a carefully crafted court order authorizing an agency to blindly trespass into the personal computers of a large number of people, but for the limited purpose of identifying them.
Entire store here:

Time for plan B.

Repost eveywhere.

h/t Wirecutter

Friday, August 2, 2013

Officer Shoot, Kill Unarmed Homeless Man - Video

Taser? Baton? Pepper spray?


Shoot first. Ask questions later.

“She exited her patrol car, gun drawn, and asked the gentlemen to get on the ground. The gentlemen didn’t get on the ground, he was still inside the restaurant. She asked again. The man then exited the restaurant, and as he was exiting the restaurant, he said, ‘What are you gonna do, b—-?’ About a second later, she shot him in the chest,” he said.
Read the story here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks, Get a Visit from the Feds

Michele Catalano was looking for information online about pressure cookers. Her husband, in the same time frame, was Googling backpacks. Wednesday morning, six men from a joint terrorism task force showed up at their house to see if they were terrorists. Which begs the question: How'd the government know what they were Googling?
Read the rest here and ask yourself, "Why weren't they able to stop the Boston Bombers?"

Big Brother is watching.