Thursday, January 16, 2014

Torrance Officer Cleared in Dorner Mistaken ID Shooting

Shoot first.

Ask questions later.


This is why people are afraid of the cops, even if they are doing nothing wrong.
A Torrance police officer who opened fire on a pickup truck during the manhunt for former Los Angeles police Officer Christopher Dorner was justified in his actions and will not face any criminal charges, the District Attorney's Office announced today.

Prosecutors concluded that Officer Brian McGee "did not commit any criminal misconduct" on Feb. 7 of last year when he rammed David Perdue's truck with a patrol car, then fired three shots through the driver's side window.

According to a charge evaluation worksheet prepared by Deputy District Attorney Geoffrey Rendon, McGee acted reasonably in light of the ongoing search for Dorner, who had killed two people at that point and went on to kill two others -- a Riverside police officer and San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy.
The message this sends is that it's acceptable and condoned for cops to become Judge, Jury, & Executioner with no legal ramifications if they can justify it, no matter how weak the argument is. Welcome to Amerika, comrades.

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  1. What a crock of shit! Just wow

  2. The Rules of Engagement, they are a changin'.

  3. Solution:
    Poppind Cops

  4. New rules, there are no rules, remember that.

  5. Will they apply the same Rules of Engagement (of COURSE they will!) to the D.C. cops murdering that woman in front of her child for the crime of taking a wrong turn?

  6. And the two "cops" who murdered the homeless man in orange county ca got let off. The ROE is clear now, they don't care. At All.

    Watch your back, everyone, and review your tribe as to whom you can really trust.

  7. Every time the cops commit a new atrocity against an innocent citizen, there are invariably cries, all over the blogosphere, of "sue them! Charge them! Let the courts deal with these guys! They won't get away with it!"

    I try to laugh, but it always winds up with me quietly sobbing into a glass of whiskey. :(

  8. PC is the ONLY answer, not that I am willing tonight to grab my rifle and go "over the top".

    1. PC as in Popping Cops, not political correctness, I presume.