Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unrest in Venezuela Spawns a Folk Hero

One man and his 'Modern Musket' holds off government security forces in Venezuela.
A gun-toting retired Venezuelan general has become a folk hero to the country's opposition and galvanized a protest movement by defying the government of President Nicolás Maduro, engaging in a Rambo-like standoff with security forces sent by the president to arrest him.

Angel Vivas has been holed up in his home in a hilly Caracas suburb since last weekend, when Mr. Maduro, on live television, ordered his arrest for having backed student protests that have convulsed this oil-rich nation.

When black-clad officers from military intelligence went to the retired Army general's house Sunday morning, he emerged wearing a flak jacket and armed with a semiautomatic rifle and pistol, warning that the only way he would be taken was in a body bag. Scores of neighbors came out in support of Gen. Vivas and heckled security forces, who eventually backed down.
"I have a right to self-defense," Gen. Vivas said in an interview inside his bunkerlike home, which is decorated with family pictures and mementos to his 40-year career in the army, including old rifles and swords.

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'Security Forces' don't want to get shot either.



  1. Gen. Vivas is NO hero. He's a douche, and a tool being used by U.S. "Private Contractors," to destabilize and overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

    1. bullshit........democratically elected my ass.....

  2. At least he knows how to die like a man.