Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Armed Family Shoots and Kills Burglar

Luis A. Pena went to check on that and found somebody rattling the french doors leading off a back porch area. He pulled out a gun and fired a shot trying to scare off the intruder but the burglar didn't stop.

The young man went back to the kitchen where his mother and father were, both armed. Police say Large continued to charge at the residents and the three of them all shot at the intruder when they saw him.

At least one of the shots hit Large, of Winter Haven, in the torso. An autopsy is currently being conducted.

Detectives haven't confirmed how many times the Penas pulled the triggers, but the intruder was dead when the law enforcement arrived. They continue to investigate.

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Bad- shooting a warning shot.

Bad- only 1 shot connected.

Good- the intruder was killed.

ALWAYS be armed.

As Captain Obvious once said, "100% of all home invasions occur at home."

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