Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bullet Resistant Glass Test

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot at some bullet resistant glass that my friend had acquired for testing. I don't know anything about what type, what rating, or anything else other than it was heavy and consisted of 5 pieces of glass sandwiched between an adhesive laminate.

Here's the 2x3 foot chunk of glass as it was presented to me before being shot at. It was left over from a bank construction job.

Each panel of glass was about 1/4 inch thick. There were 5 panels sandwiched together.
The glass was set on the backstop of a pistol range at 30 yards. The first two shots were with .45 acp towards the edge. I knew that a center hit would stop the round but I was curious to see if a hit towards the edge would be able to stop it due to there being less glass to spread the impact to.

2 hits from .45 acp at 30 yards
1st shot.
2nd shot
The bullets from the .45 acp were stopped within the first 2 layers. The glass spider webbed out from the center and all that remained of the projectile was some lead splatter.

Next I tried some M855. Being that this was a pistol range, I used my AR pistol.

M855 62 grain steel core penetrator
2 shots were fired. One in the center of the glass and another at the top edge to see if it would defeat the glass.

M855 in center and top center
I was expecting the M855 to defeat the glass. Well, it did...sorta kinda?

The projectile was stopped within the glass but caused the last layer to shatter and spall. So the round broke the glass all the way through the 5 layers but didn't pass through.

Back side after being hit with M855
I was unable to find a 'hole' on the backside but there was glass from the last layer strewn about.

The top shot at the edge appeared to be defeated at first glance.

M855 at top edge
But upon closer inspection at another angle, the glass was shattered, buckled, but prevented penetration.

edge of glass as seen from top after M855 strike. (not my shoe)

End result
 I was going to test 7.62x54R on it, which I'm sure would have defeated the glass, but circumstances didn't allow at the time. Will try next time.

H/T to Kelly for providing the glass.


  1. Thoughts on multiple 855 rounds om same/sameish area?


    1. Based on what I saw, I would say that a second round in the same spot would defeat the barrier and open it up for more rounds. I'll test that idea out next time I get the chance along with the 7.62x54R round.