Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More on the Nevada Rancher VS. the Feds and Outside Opinions Weigh In

More on the Rancher showdown here at WRSA.

We have those Liberty minded individuals, Patriots, who side with Bundy and oppose this government overreach.

And then we have Liberty minded individuals who think it is wiser to take this fight to the court room. (We all know how well that goes).

Jan Morgan is in the latter camp. This is her latest piece on the matter:
I watch as Patriots who are fed up with the strong arm of the federal government, fuel the flames of anger and egg each other on to call in the Militia’s for a stand down with the feds over a cattle rancher who has threatened violence if they take his cows.

I watch as Patriots begin to divide the base (which is what this government wants) by claiming that people who do not rush to the aid of this rancher pledging gun battle with the feds, are NOT REAL PATRIOTS.

I suggest that these trigger happy so called Patriots egging on the fight are the real liabilities to the Conservative movement. Deciding that THIS case is the draw you line in the sand case of us versus them is like straining on gnats while swallowing camels.

The abusive federal government and level of corruption at the federal level is so rampant, there are much larger battle fronts to be addressed than this case in Nevada.

Your assessment that “real” patriots will rush to the aid of Bundy and that fake Patriots are backing down out of fear, is the kind of statement that divides our base and it really begs the question: If you are a real patriot, why are you here on facebook egging on the fight and not in Nevada fighting against the federal government for Bundy?

The fact is, some of us “real patriots” choose our fights wisely.. The real battle to be won which is much larger than this individual case, is the battle over state’s rights and state sovereignty…

Read the rest here.
Sounds like someone who still thinks the system works...or is paid to make people think it does.

Form your own opinion.

We'll see how things develop.

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  1. EVERBODY would LOVE to let the legal system handle these conflicts. and 50 years ago most everyone was content to let the courts address such issues. But times.....and the agenda.....of the legal system have changed. The kangaroo courts and the blackrobed pirates and criminal DA's that infest them care not one iota for truth, the constitution or the concept of justice. ALL they are unterested in is power, privilege and control. NO citizen EVER gets justice in America as an intended outcome of their adventure in the Alice In Wonderland legal system except as an accidental and u intended byproduct of the proceedings. Relying on courts and judges for justice is the same as relying on mercy from a serial killer...WHILE HE IS STABBING YOU.