Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oath Keepers Kicked Out of Bundy Ranch - Video

For your consideration.
Strong words.

Do you know who you're aligning with?

Vet everyone.

WRSA has more.

The other side of the coin is here.


  1. Yea I can see that they are pissed---but they really need to look at the much much bigger picture. There are some differences between two patriot groups. Let’s not get into a circular firing squad saying this or that about people showing up and protecting Bundy and his family and property. IF there is ever a fight—we need all patriots in the battle–and NO various groups won’t be doing it like your group or tribe. But if you all squabble then Ozero, Reid and their numerous henchmen will just wipe us all out.

    All major battles/wars in world history are won by groups who put together battlefield command and coordination—with multiple groups that may even have been enemies at one point. Imagine Churchill (whatever you think of him) agonizing how he needed Franco to maintain neutrality in WW2 vs fielding an army along side Germany.

    Its much better for Oathkeepers and Militias to form bonds and bridges and for both major groups to reach out to the public via political movements—tea party—libertarians—etc to build larger organizations that will have both political and projection of force/influence within society.

    1. Thanks HB. This is just one side of the coin. The other side (Oath Keepers side) is on the follow up post.