Friday, May 23, 2014

US Army Selects Scorpion Camouflage Pattern (aka: MultiCam variant)

Scorpion will replace the MultiCam pattern, currently fielded by the Army as the Operational Camouflage Pattern, making Scorpion the standard issue pattern of the Army, thereby completely replacing the unpopular Universal Camouflage Pattern, first adopted in 2004. The Army will continue to refer to the new Scorpion pattern as OCP. The patterns are very similar so the Army will continue to purchase MultiCam as OCP until the new supply chain for Scorpion is up and running.
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Scorpion and MultiCam, for all intents and purposes, are the same...yet different.

For a good comparison review, go here.


  1. Does it still have the body heat block sprayrd onto it?

  2. Someone please reply when you know where the new pattern can be bought. Thanks!