Thursday, June 19, 2014

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper's "What the f*ck?" To Sheriffs Group Caught On Video

Governor John Hickenlooper brought out the big verbal weapons during a Friday meeting of Colorado law enforcers on Friday, saying, "What the fuck?" after Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith didn't immediately accept his apology for failing to consult with the group before signing gun laws they oppose. And lucky for us, it was all caught on video.

Nice try Hickenlooper. You're full of it.

How about you follow up your weak, insincere apology by repealing that magazine capacity ban you signed into an unenforceable law and resign your sorry-ass excuse for a governor? Then we might believe you.


  1. Not gonna happen.


  2. why stop at the mag ban, it is unconscionable that I cant give my dad a rifle without a background check. I hope he has his bags packed