Thursday, June 26, 2014

Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Magazine Capacity Limit

More dog and pony show from Commierado.
A federal judge on Thursday upheld Colorado's new gun-control laws that mandated background checks for all gun sales and limited the capacity of ammunition magazines to no more than 15 rounds.

U.S. District Chief Judge Marcia Krieger issued her 50-page ruling on the 2013 laws after a two-week civil trial in Denver.

The lawsuit was originally filed by plaintiffs including sheriffs, gun shops, outfitters and shooting ranges. Krieger ruled last year that the sheriffs could not sue the state in their official capacities but they could join the lawsuit as private citizens.

Krieger determined that the plaintiffs lacked standing in their lawsuit
If private citizens lack standing on a lawsuit that pertains to the BILL of RIGHTS, such as this, then who does have standing?

Read the rest of this crap here.


  1. Time to scrape another turd with skin off the bench...........

  2. She didn't even hear the case. Just invented reasons why various groups didn't have standing. WTF?

  3. That's the courts new buzzword. We don't know anything about Ovomit because no one "has standing".

  4. Listen to the last 30 minutes of Limbaugh's show today, 27 June 2014, he said something that came eerily close to a call for an armed insurrection or maybe just massive government crippling protests. I assume it was the latter, but never the less... damn!

  5. If "we the people" lack standing when our Constitution is violated, there's nothing left but armed revolt.