Monday, July 14, 2014

'Enemies Foreign and Domestic' Trilogy Free on Kindle Until Wednesday

From Bracken:
I'm going to do a Kindle "free run" on my Enemies Trilogy from Monday, July 14, through Wednesday night. I have up to 5 days, but I'd prefer to hold a few in reserve. If this 3 day run takes off and gets attention among the libs, I can extend it to 5. If it doesn't take off among the libs, I'll just do 3 days, and keep the other 2 days per book in reserve in case my books are suddenly noticed by the other side. If and when that happens, I want to offer it to them gratis, to get it out of the conservative "choir" over to where it really needs to be read.
If you haven't gotten the books or Kindle versions yet (no idea why you wouldn't have), go here and get the Kindle version.

You can get the free Kindle reader app for your PC/Mac, Apple phone, Android phone, iPad, Tablet, etc.... right here.

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