Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fight Crime - Shoot Back, Kickstarter Fund

Jon P. has a Kickstarter project that went live today. He is trying to get enough funds to create  A morale patch for the modern shooting sports enthusiast.

From his Kickstarter page:
The final design is illustrated in the image above. The final product will be a soft 3D PVC patch with Velcro hook backing. I have partnered with Combat-Swag based in Hermitage, PA to produce an American made product. I'm proud to say that Primer Projects is pure red, white and blue.
His goal is to reach $1,000 dollars in 25 days, and as of this posting, has already raised $785.

 Sounds like a cool idea. Go check it out.


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  1. Neat idea and I'd love to get in but will not join Facebook to do so. Bummer...