Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oops! Egg On My Face

UPDATE: Material has been delivered. Items back in stock. Thanks for your patience.
In an effort to make sure I had enough material for the MultiCam Gaiters after my ad in Forward Observer Magazine went to print, I made sure to order more at the beginning of the month. Normally I would have had the product inside of a week. Of course, now that the ad is out, supply issues by the fabric manufacturer have thrown a wrench in my production and I'm out of stock of material to make more product.

I emailed Duro to find out what's going on with my order. I received the following reply:
Duro’s license agreement with the Multicam IP holder Crye Precision has expired.  We cannot ship any Multicam, until a new agreement is contracted.  We are working diligently and persistently to contract a new agreement. We hope to have this resolved soon. As soon as your order ships I will update you with tracking information.
So, with no ETA given for the contract negotiations to become finalized, I am refunding the money that many of you have already paid for. Some of you have opted to wait it out until the gaiters are available again and will have priority when the products are available to ship.

For those who have already ordered and are opting to wait, and for all orders that come in between now and when the material arrives, you will get free shipping.

Sorry for the setback and thank you for your patience.

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