Friday, August 8, 2014

SHTF: 8 Days Without Power, Neighbors Begin To Fight Each Other

When society breaks down, and power is out for extended periods of time, we're going to see a lot of this.

And worse.
 After a big storm his Chattaroy, Washington power went out all over.

The power is still out in one mobile home park a week later.

This footage that you might see in a fight scene of a movie or on a Youtube video is a real fight between neighbor who are trying to cope with losing life as they know it to a storm.

One week later, the property manager at Riverside Village in Chattaroy said she's taking a lot of heat to fix what went wrong.

Half the property is still without power after eight days, and at least 12 people won't get their homes back that were destroyed by fallen trees.

Sandi MCcoin's receiving physical threats herself, all while trying to figure out how to piece the mobile home park back together.

Some did what they could to clean up, but others decided their patience of living with each other through crisis had run out.

The Sheriff's Department broke the fight up and checked for injuries.

One family member said he doesn't really blame anyone for acting out of stress.
Got tribe?

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