Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Tactical Medical Device - The TopClosure 3S TMS

This is a pretty neat new product that addresses the issue of open wound closure without or with the addition of sutures. I can see this being used in the field until the casualty can be evacuated to a proper care facility. Much easier than trying to suture in the field.

TopClosure® Tension Relief System (TRS) - an innovative new technology for the management of simple and complex wounds is now available for skin stretching and secure wound closure. The TopClosure® TRS is easy to apply, safe to use and leads to excellent results by providing simple solutions for complex problems. The TopClosure® TRS is intended to temporarily stretch skin tissues to aid closure and healing of post traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic skin wounds.
  • The TopClosure® TRS is an important innovative trauma management device that can be applied in combat applications for temporary primary wound closure while complying with basic trauma guidelines.
  • This new device can be used in battalion First-Aid stations and field hospitals by surgeons, non-surgeon physicians and military medics.
  • TopClosure® TRS should be applied as a new methodology for the military Combat Casualty Care (CCC) protocol and be included in Combat Casualty Response Kits.

You can read more about this product at the manufacturers website.

If anyone has a source for these, chime in here. This are something that we should all have in our preps.


  1. You can buy them direct from the mfr:


  2. Sorry, here is US source:

    1. Henry Schein says, "This item can only be sold to physician offices."

      Well, if you have a doc who'll help you get your preps going, all good, I guess.

      But otherwise, it't the same damn mentality of "only cops should have guns". Yeah, the rest of us can just suck it I guess. Well, I hope that's just Schein being all wimpy. Just like the CAT, hope they'll show up on Amazon.

      Pricey things, though.

  3. Gauze and tape, people. Keep it simple.

    1. I agree. This isn't any different than montgomary straps that have been around forever.

  4. It's considered a medical device, and thus FDA-regulated.

    Have some patience, it'll get loose eventually, once they realize that ordinary EMTs at car accidents and ski patrollers on a mountain could benefit from having them in their jump bags.
    Then you'll see them at the usual trauma junkie hotspots online, and they'll be at every gun show in Christendom the week after that.

    Business is business, and the manufacturer is making them to sell.

  5. Closing wounds inappropriately could cause more problems than if they were left open...

  6. Head wounds with no sutures: Selectively trim the hair away around the wound until you have strands on each side. Pull closed tightly and tie closed with the hair strands.

  7. Duct (duck) tape. Easily and cheaply available at any nearby hardware store.

    B Woodman
    non-medical III-PER

  8. There is absolutely NO reason to close wounds in the field. Not by a medic in the military, a ski patroller, EMT, or prepper. Nor for me as a physician. Grossly dirty wounds should not be closed for three days (delayed primary closure). A lesson that has been learned at the outset of countless military conflicts by surgeons.

    The comment by Homesteader is spot on. As a surgery trained ER doc, I recommend you spend your money on something more practical. The problem is not Henry Schein as they will not sell you anything that is FDA labeled without a medical license. Federal law and they want to stay in business.

    J Anderson, M.D.