Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mid-Term Elections - What To Expect Now

So the Republicans have seized the Senate, giving them control of Congress. What do these election results mean for you?

Not much.

Ă˜bamacare won't be repealed. Your taxes won't be cut. Alphabet Agencies won't shrink. The debt won't get fixed. The wars won't end. LEO's won't stop conducting No-Knock warrant raids on the wrong homes. You'll still go to jail for selling raw milk. You still don't 'own' your home. You'll still have to pay for welfare. TSA will still violate you when you fly. The border is still wide open. Your assets can still be confiscated. Etc....

In my own state of Colorado, the Republicans have gained control of the state Senate, but Democrat Governor Hickenlooper still keeps his seat by the skin of his teeth (I'm highly suspect). What can I expect from this? Not much. Will the 15 round magazine limit be repealed? I doubt it. Will the mandatory background check for private gun sales be repealed? I doubt it. Will anything of significance change in favor of liberty and freedom? I doubt it.

So, again, the speed at which our liberties and freedoms are being eroded has only been slowed. They're still eroding. In 2 more years, we'll be fighting to elect 1 of 2 people who want to rule over you.

Do you understand yet?


  1. I don't think it will slow. It was Bush who bailed out the failed car companies and banks, and created the TSA. The Republican majority of Bush's first term saw the Patriot Act passed and resulting NSA spying, largely because they played on terrorism fears. The GOP has only moved further left since then, largely in a desperate measure to gain the support of those who usually vote democrat.

    On top of that, Republicans still stand by and have the support of the military industrial complex. The MIC is the second largest monetary black hole, next to welfare. The majority of military money ends up paying a labyrinth of bureaucrats and middle managers to do literally nothing.

    The end result is that the Republicans will be just as eager to hold a gun to our heads and call it security.

  2. And it was his Daddy who went after Randy Weaver and the Waco invasion was planned under him and handed off to Clinton-Reno. It was his daddy who pushed N.A.T.O. to the east. Let us not forget it was "The Kid" who ran 9/11 along with Darth Cheney either and then invaded the world. Be prepared for everything to get even worse because "we" are foolish enough to believe it will get better.

  3. Yes, one cannot be too cynical when talking about government. I also don't think the destruction of liberty will be slowed one bit.

    We could actually say to despondent liberals, "Don't worry, nothing will change. Obama's policies of constant war, Gitmo and torture will still happen. Obama's checkpoints everywhere will still happen. Obamacare will still happen. Obama's rampant spending for cronies and his destruction of the dollar will still happen. It doesn't matter that you 'lost' the election. It was just a sham anyway."

  4. I guess this means that we are in a state of war with our government. From now on, its smuggle, hide, and when necessary, defy. Are we at the point of shooting the bastards yet, or is there another, better way to get rid of this corrupt tyranny?

    1. The inner cities receive subsidies, the farmers receive subsidies, the banks receive bailouts, the defense industry is by its very nature subsidized, oil is subsidized, enviro-business is subsidized, and the insurance companies now receive subsidies to help fund Obamacare costs.

      The direct election of senators has resulted in a congress that is democratic rather than republican. By that I mean literally, not in terms of party names. The majority of Americans have chosen Trotsky over Lenin, thinking that Trotsky will make things better but still get their funds and pensions.

      The problem with socialism is that it runs out of other people's money, and when taxes, money printing and other soft methods fail, the police state is used to rob what little is left.

      Unless Americans got smart and quit buying into the Republican-vs-Democrat narrative, it will be violent.

  5. There is no better way. A cleaner, quieter way; perhaps; but the time has passed for that. We have no other option at this point than to go loud. It is going to get very sporty, and messy. As Thomas Paine said, "if there is going to be trouble, let it be in my day; that my children shall know peace." Amen. As another old saying goes, "let's get it on."
    There's going to be a fight, let's win.

  6. Unfortunately, no. Years ago, there was a quieter, gentler way, perhaps; but those days are over. There is no other course remaining but to go loud. We should consider ourselves at war with our government, because they surely are at war with us. As Thomas Paine said, "if there is to be trouble, let it be in my time; that my children shall know peace." To quote another old saying, "let's get it on."
    There's going to be a fight. Let's win.

  7. "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

  8. Phil Carlson11/12/2014 8:34 AM

    Oh ya I understand. A war of extermination is in the wind.
    It is simple.
    The state the Marxist's and statist have created will not under any circumstances relinquish their dream of ruling the world untill they are wiped off the face of God's green Earth.
    It is the one and only true caliphate.