Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting for Vandals: The Tyrant and the Ballot - by Bill Buppert

Being on this dirt pile long enough to vote in many elections, I've realized that the only thing that changes is the speed at which we're being enslaved. Some election results slow it down, others speed it up. But the destination is the same.

A quick review of why voting is tyrannical:

Voting is violence.

If voting could change things it would be illegal.

Candidates are behaving in the extraordinarily narrow constraints of both legal and government approved standards.

Two party systems incentivize monopoly.

Increased suffrage across sex lines and socioeconomic strata correlates to an increasing size in government.

Voting is an illusion of granting legitimacy.

Have you ever wondered why obviously tyrannical regimes like China, the USSR and Cuba hold elections even though the results are a foregone conclusion? There are only two likely answers: legitimacy and a “voice” in law enforcement. The former is obvious to the casual observer but the latter not so much.

How many times have you heard the usual suspects crow on about the importance of a voice and that you may not like the behavior of the regime but you have a choice in which creature you select to “represent” you and they carry the philosophical water?

Strip any government of its policing and law enforcement function and no one will comply with the edicts issued by the elected mandarins and in the US, the venal and corrupt executive that lords over the land like an occupying force. Whether it is the land of the free or a Russian gulag or a Chinese labor camp, cops make governments work; they are the sociopathic pointy business end of all collectivist endeavors.

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Do you get it yet?

When it comes down to it, are you voting for your own oppression?

There are other ways to vote. Use them.


  1. The current American two party system is like a bowl of shit... looking at itself in the mirror.


    1. Different sides of a single coin

  2. Democracies have always committed the worst atrocities and worst wars. Nazi Germany was democratic. The Soviet Union began genuinely democratic as well (until Stalin realized that who counts the votes matters more than the voters themselves). Genocide only happens when a mob demands the destruction of another group.

    All of that is why the founders saw democracy as two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner.

    1. We don't even have a 'democracy' when so many alphabet agencies are created without consent of the people that have the power to impose violence on those who fail to comply with their mandates. This is what tyranny looks like.

  3. Instead of the Dems driving us off a cliff at 120MPH the Republicans will do it at 55MPH