Tuesday, April 14, 2015

“Bundy Ranch” type standoff In Oregon Between Miners and BLM

BLM is at it again, this time in Oregon. Oath Keepers are on location.

Local news KDVR has the story and video here.

Here's a summary from Locked & Loaded News:
For the past several years, the miners from the Galice Mining District, about 3o minutes west of Grants Pass, Oregon, have been arguing over who has the rights to the minerals in the ground  around Galice Creek.  The Galice mining district is compiled of a number of claims, owners and miners and has been in continuous operation since the early 1870’s, which makes it one of the longest running operations in the US.  This specific operation predates the BLM bureaucracy by many decades in fact.

The area in question has produced in excess of 10 million ounces of gold since its conception, and geologists estimate that only 10% of the gold in the ground has been removed, which makes this area highly sought after by any standard.  It is said that children find gold with their hands in the creeks to this day.

BLM has made several attempts to disband the operation  of the sugar pine mine through multiple unsubstantiated stop orders and now a cease and desist order.  The owners of this mine have spend tens of thousands of dollars to date requesting documents, researching the claims of the BLM,and preliminary attorney fees. 

The sugar pine has made requests to produce the official rulings that show they are in violation which have gone unanswered.  They simple reason given by the BLM is that “they say so”.  The BLM claims that the mine has no surface rights to the area and in turn says that all structures and equipment need to be removed. The BLM also claims that this violation is grounds for the operation to cease and tunnels filled in.  The mine predates more recent rulings about surface rights so the sugar pine feels that the new ruling is not applicable to this specific situation.

Late last week, BLM officials accompanied by Josephine County Sheriff deputies issued a cease and desist order to the district without any official ruling by the courts.  Specifically, the issue is not even scheduled to be heard in court until later in the year.  The order has given the mine until April 25th to remove all equipment, buildings and supplies from the location.  Local BLM officials have threatened to burn the buildings down if they are not removed by the date.

The owners of the sugar pine have stated that they will fully disobey the order as they claim that it is illegal and invalid.  A call for assistance to the Oath Keeper’s has been made and there is no intention to leave the area by the deadline.

This issue has far reaching implications.  The outcome from this issue and the court ruling to come will effect all of America.  The issue at hand is not just about the Galice Miners and the gold in the ground, but more about what the government says you can do with the ground in your control.  These miners have the rights to the minerals in the ground and the government wants that changed.  What comes next could effect every American.  What if your backyard has a specific mineral that the government values.  By any means,  can come in and tell you that you can not grow your broccoli on your land because it absorbs this “special” mineral?  The bigger picture would effect farmers.  What if  gold, oil, or something like uranium was found under a farmer’s corn crop.  Does the government have the right to those minerals and have the ability to over ride your use of your own land?  This issue will have the ability dictate the future use of our public and private lands. 
The Oath Keepers have already established ROE
All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area before going to the camp site.
2491 Camp Joy Road
Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon, 97526
I5 – Exit 61
West on Merlin / Galice Road – 1.0 mi
Left onto Jaime Ln – 0.2 mi
Right onto Camp Joy Rd – 0.1 mi
Right to stay on Camp Joy Rd – 0.2 mi
Left onto Walden
After staging check-in, those who are approved to transit to the camp site must comply with the following rules:
No Drinking
No Drugs
All Access in and out is controlled by security (Limited Access and Emergency Access)
Establish your own team leader / representative under Oath Keepers
Bring cold weather gear, rain gear, own food and supplies
You are accountable for your personal belongings
Rules of Engagement: Always Self Defense – If a person shows means, opportunity and intent STOP the threat.
We are not allowing trespass, threat to life or damage to property or illegal seizures.
No one talks to the media or to anyone outside the area about the operation. (All media and information comes from Oath Keepers Josephine County leadership)
Reaction team will meet contact.
Bring your own communications. (Preferably Baofeng UV-5R / BF-F8+ to simplify programming and setup.)…
Will the BLM back down once again or are they intent on making an example out of these miners?

Resist tyranny.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 19th Canon City, CO Event - Stewart Rhodes/Oathkeepers Rally

Brought to you by the same good folks in Colorado that brought you the July 4, 2nd Amendment March Parade. (Which is happening again for the third year in a row)