Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Colorado Quisling Governor Says Yes to Refugees

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper thinks it's against the law to refuse Syrian "Refugees" into the state. In a radio interview, he stated “If I turn refugees away, that’s breaking the (federal) law,” Hickenlooper said. “We operate by rule of law,” he added just moments later. (source)

In the same radio interview he later says, "The personal security of the, of the people of Colorado was always going to be our first concern."

He didn't officially make his plan to let in these 'refugees' know to the people of Colorado but we heard about it. On his official FaceBook page, people voiced their opinions and anger over it.

There's also a petition (not sure how much good that will do) for "Colorado Says NO To Syrian Refugees" Obviously the Governor is in someone's back pocket. When the next Paris-style attacks happen on US Soil and in Colorado, what's his excuse going to be?